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About Covid-19

All about the 2019 coronavirus. Your FAQs.

How To Use A Pulse Oximeter

Measuring how much oxygen is in you blood is very important for your COVID health. How do you use it?


Here you will see tips on wearing masks for the public. Including the DO’s and DON’Ts of mask etiquette. Be clean, stay safe at home and have a plan. #WHO

Hand washing

Proper hand hygiene is the most important deterrent against the covid-19 virus. Wash and sanitize frequently and keep your hands away from your face.


Here you will see tips on self-isolation for caregivers or household members and positive covid-19 patients. Be clean, stay safe at home and have a plan.

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Covid-19 News & Updates

News and press release updates on Covid-19 in Trinidad and Tobago. MoHTT

Covid-19 Latest News & Articles

Latest news, articles and videos on Covid-19 in Trinidad and Tobago. MoCTT


"My Hero is You"

A new fictional book developed by and for children aims to help families understand and cope with COVID-19. . UNICEF.

Covid-19 guide for parents

What you need to know to keep your loved ones safe.

How teenagers can protect their mental health during coronavirus

6 strategies for teens facing a new (temporary) normal.. UNICEF

Talking to Kids About the Coronavirus

Kids worry more when they're kept in the dark. Child Mind Institute

Stay-At-Home Care Package

Indoor Games and Activities to keep your family occupied and moving. Big Life Journal