Episode 1 : Claudia Leacock

My COVID-19 experience – Living with COVID-19.

Episode 2: Dr. Robertson

Debunking COVID-19 Vaccine Myths 

Episode 3: Slings and Splints

Dealing with injuries using slings and splints

Episode 4: Dr. Robertson (P2)

Healthy Minds make Healthy Bodies- Nutrition

Episode 5: Professor Monteil

COVID-19 Myths and Immunology 

Episode 6: Professor Monteil (P2)

COVID-19 Myths and Immunology (Part 2)

Episode 7: Dr. Krishna

COVID-19 in India

Episode 8: Basic Life Support

Basic Life Support with Registered Nurses.

Episode 9: Dr. Ian Sammy

Elderly and Emergency Healthcare in COVID-19 

Episode 10: Professor Hutchinson

Psychiatry – Mental Health in COVID- 19

Episode 11: Dr. Ian Pemberton

Adolescent Development

Episode 12: Dr. Robertson (P3)

Healthy bodies make healthy minds- Sleep

Episode 13: Nurses- BLS (Child)

Basic Life Support training for your everyday use. 

Episode 14: Dr. Ian Sammy (P2)

Elderly caretakers and Carer fatigue

Episode 15: Professor Monteil (P3)

How COVID-19 affects your body…?

Episode 16: Couva Nurses SPEAK OUT...

Couva Nurses Speak out! Home Front UNPLUGGED.

Episode 17: Dr. Karen Cox

Palliative Care.

Episode 18: Screen Time

How to manage your screen time during the lockdown.

Episode 19- Online School ft. Mrs Ann Clarke

Dealing with online schooling and virtual classroom limitations.

Episode 20: Mental Health (P2)

Coping with mental health during COVID-19 as an entertainer.

Episode 21- Adolescents and Drugs

All about adolescents and drug use and drug abuse.

Episode 22: Adolescents and Drugs (P2)

All about adolescents and drug use and drug abuse continued.

Episode 23- Choking and Recovery Position

Nurses teach us how to deal with chocking situation and the best position for a recovering person after trauma.

Episode 24: Online school solutions

Dealing with online schooling and virtual classroom solutions.

Episode 25- The Adolescent Brain

Dr. Asha Pemberton discusses the adolescent brain and how they think.

Episode 26- Coping Strategies for Frontline Workers

Frontline workers- coping with the stresses of Covid-19

Episode 27- Women's Health ft. Dr. Adesh Sirjusingh

Dr. Sirjusingh, Director of Women’s Health- MoH, speaks on women’s health.

Episode 28- Home Remedies for COVID-19?!?!

Frontline doctors speak on Home remedies to Covid-19

Episode 29- Home Remedies for COVID-19!!! (Part 2)

Part 2 of frontline Emergency Doctors speaking on Home remedies to Covid-19

Season Finale!- Coping with your MESSS?!!

Dr. Joanna Paul discusses Patient Power, Patience, Gratitude and M.E.S.S.S!